Treasury News Vol.13 (October 2020)

In this issue;

  1. 2020 Annual Conference
  2. New Regional Offices inaugurated with new vehicles
  3. Western region in focus
  4. CAG wins prestigious award
  5. CAG Profile

Our vision is that of the public service with positive culture, client- focused and result oriented, constantly seeking ways to improve the delivery of financial management services
to the Government and the General Public.

We exist to provide public financial management services to the Government and
General Public through efficient, skilled, wellmotivated
and dedicated Staff, using the most
appropriate technology.
In pursuit for excellence CAGD will be guided by the following core values and norms:
• Putting Customers First: Meeting the needs and aspirations of Government and the Citizenry.
• Serving the whole Country: We aim to serve the diverse interest of our clients.
• Acting with Integrity: We aspire to act with honesty, openness, transparency in the delivery of our services.
• Valuing People: We value people by creating a culture that celebrates excellent services.
• Continuous Improvement and Innovations: Through continuous improvement and innovation, we are able to improve and increase Client satisfaction.

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Author: CAGD