Appreciating Excellence in Public Service: A first-time encounter with acting Controller and Accountant General


In an era where encounters with public officials often leave citizens with mixed feelings, the professionalism and dedication exhibited by Kwasi Agyei, the Acting Controller and Accountant General of Ghana, stand out as exemplary. A recent visit to his office revealed an exceptional level of service that warrants public recognition.

From the moment we stepped into his office, the experience was markedly different from typical government visits. The front office was staffed by remarkably smart and efficient secretaries. My colleague and I were greeted warmly, setting a positive tone right from the start. The waiting area, notably empty, indicated that Mr. Agyei values punctuality and respects visitors’ time, avoiding unnecessary delays.

Despite it being lunchtime, Mr. Agyei prioritized meeting us over his break. His approach was friendly, open, and truthful, immediately putting us at ease despite it being our first interaction. His demeanor reflected a genuine willingness to help, an attribute often lacking in many public offices.

Our meeting with Mr. Agyei was brief, lasting less than twenty minutes, yet it was enough to leave a lasting impression. Although our issues were not entirely resolved, the experience underscored his commitment to service and the hospitable environment he fosters.

In a landscape where criticism of public officials is common, it is essential to highlight and celebrate those who show such a high level of professionalism.

While opinions about public figures can vary, our encounter with Mr. Agyei was positive. The public must recognize and appreciate such dedication and excellence in public service. Kwasi Agyei’s example is one that many government officials should aspire to follow.

Keep up the outstanding work, Kwasi Agyei. Your professionalism and dedication are truly commendable and serve as a benchmark for public service in Ghana.

Penned from a secret admirer of your professionalism.

Author: admin2