Report On Suspension Of Salaries Of Employees With Zero Bank Account Numbers On The Mechanized Payroll

In September 2014, the Controller and Accountant General’s Department, as part of measures to clean the mechanized payroll data, initiated an exercise to update the bank account details of employees on the mechanized payroll system. The names of employees with zero bank accounts were suspended from the mechanized payroll system pending the submission of the requisite information to the District offices of the Auditor General.

Affected employees were given up to 15th December, 2014 to present themselves with the requisite information to the relevant District offices of the Auditor General for validation before their salaries could be restored onto the payroll. The instruction further indicated that employees who failed to provide the required information by the end of 15th December, 2014 would have their names deleted from the payroll permanently.
The CAGD wishes to report that as at the end of February 2015, the statistics on the exercise is as follows:

Number suspended47,186
Number validated by Audit Service44,496
Total Number restored44,496
Number not validated2,690

The Way Forward

Since the initial validation approach was for the employees to present themselves with relevant documentations to the Auditor General’s office, the next step is to submit the list of the 2,690 names to the respective supervising Ministries for confirmation and subsequently to the investigative bodies for investigations.

Appropriate sanctions will be applied to unauthorized employees to be identified.
Meanwhile, the Auditor General will submit a report on the verification exercise and unauthorized names identified would be prosecuted.

Author: CAGD