Payroll Clean-up Plan Published By The Inter- Ministerial Committee On Payroll


In line with government’s commitment of addressing the payroll and Human Resource (HR) challenges in the public service holistically, a number of measures have been developed into a Payroll Cleaning Plan for implementation.

The Ministerial Committee on payroll was set up by Cabinet in 2014 with the mandate of identifying areas for further improvement in the payroll and HR administration and recommend measure to address them.

The Payroll Cleaning Plan was originally developed as part of the payroll and HR improvement measures under the GIFMIS (Phase 1) and adopted by the Committee is aimed at better management of the wage bill. The plan was subsequently approved by Cabinet.

The plan was developed against the backdrop of the size of the wage bill which continues to pose risks to the annual budget and threatens macroeconomic stability of the economy.

Even though the wage bill increase may be attributed to the implementation of the Single Spine Pay Policy in 2010 and the annual adjustments of salaries of public servants across board over the years, payroll irregularities which include “ghost names” were also identified as possible factors contributing to the current size of the wage bill.

The goal for developing this Plan was to complement the payroll and HR measures already being implemented as part of the PFM reforms (of which GIFMIS is a part ) to contain the compensation bill and thus contribute to the achievement of the fiscal consolidation targets in the 2015 Budget.

The Ministry of Finance as part of its oversight role under GIFMIS will oversee the implementation of the Plan.
The Committee will publish quarterly reports on the implementation of the plan.

Download the Full PAYROLL CLEAN-UP Plan (PDF)

Author: CAGD