Mr. Wisdom Komlan Messan

Deputy Controller and Accountant-General (Audit & Investigations)

Komlan Messan

Mr. Komla Messan joined the Controller and Accountant-General’s Department 31 years ago in 1989 and rose through the rank to become the current Deputy Controller and Accountant-General (DCAG) in charge of Audit & Investigations. He acted as Deputy Controller and Accountant-General in charge of Payroll Management Division from 2013 until he was confirmed in 2014 and continue to serve in that capacity until 2016 when he was posted to head the Finance and Administration Division of the Department.

During his tenure as the DCAG in charge of Payroll Management Division, important payroll initiatives, such the Electronic Pay Slips System, Electronic Payment Voucher Validation System and the Third Party Reference System used for payroll integrity checks and the mobilization of Internally Generated Fund for the Department were implemented effectively and efficiently.

Mr. Messan is a Chartered Certified Accountant and fellow member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountant (ACCA). He completed the ACCA course in 1996 and worked at the Public Accounts Directorate and eventually became head of the Directorate until 2005 when he was posted to the Ghana Mission in the UK as the Chief Treasury Officer. As head of Public Accounts, he helped to implement reforms such as the vanosoft, vanrec and ACCPAC Accounting Software used in the preparation and reconciliation of the national accounts. He worked assiduously and produced the required reports by IMF under the high indebted poor country (HIPC) initiative to enable Ghana reach the HIPC completion point in July 2004.


He holds an Executive Master of Business Administration Degree with major in International Management from the Swiss Business School where he came out with honors as the overall best student in his class. He also holds a Post Graduate Certificate in Business Creation from the Nobel International Business School. Mr. Messan is currently combining the position of the Deputy Controller and Accountant-General in charge of Audit and Investigations with that of Payroll Management Division, supervising over 250 staff. His vision for the Payroll Division is consistent with the overall vision of CAGD; that is to develop highly skillful and well-motivated staff who are well versed in the technologies required for efficient Payroll delivery.

His overriding passion is to see all public servants across Ministries, Department and Agencies paid through a fully automated Controller and Accountant-General Payroll System which has budgetary control functionalities. He wants to minimize or completely eliminate the incident of ghost names on the Government Payroll. His focus as head of Internal Audit and Investigations is on system Auditing with concentration on high risk areas where he constantly makes recommendations for systems improvements and mitigation of risk.