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The Public Financial Management Reform Project (PFMRP) seeks to achieve improvement in budget management, financial control and reporting of the Government of Ghana with the aim of enhancing fiscal discipline, strategic allocation of resources and service delivery efficiency, through strengthened systems and procedures and targeted capacity building.

The Public Financial Management Reform Project

Budget Ministry of Finance
IFMIS Controller & Accountant-General’s Dept.
Payroll Controller & Accountant-General’s Dept.
HRMIS Public Services Commission
Procurement Public Procurement Authority
Internal Audit Internal Audit Agency
External Audit Ghana Audit Service
Legislative Oversight Parliament

The Project has 4 components which are further divided into eight institutional sub-components covering the key PFM systems as follows:


Enhancing Budget Credibility

This component is divided into four sub-components aimed at improving budget management and enhancing the credibility of the national budget through the development of tools and processes that will support effective participation of Cabinet, Parliament and other relevant stakeholders in the budget process. The objective of this component is to improve budget management and strengthen credibility of the national budget.


Public Financial Management Systems and Control


The objective of this component is to support the design, development, implementation and coverage of the Government’s PFM systems and control.


Reinforcing Financial Oversight and Accountability

The objective is to enhance external audit capacity as well as legislative oversight over budget management.


PFM Reform Coordination and Change Management

The objective of this component is to provide a continuing institutional and coordination basis for overseeing the implementation of the PFMRS (PFMRS) as a whole, as well as managing the implementation of the proposed project.