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Component 4

PFM Reform Coordination and Change Management

The objective of this component is to provide a continuing institutional and coordination basis for overseeing the implementation of the PFMRS (PFMRS) as a whole, as well as manage the implementation of the proposed project.

Sub-component 4.1: Project Management and Reform Coordination

The objective of this sub-component is to provide the administrative and operational structure for the seamless management and coordination of implementation of activities of the project by the various component managers. It will also be responsible for providing technical leadership in articulating, guiding and monitoring the overall PFM reforms across the Government of Ghana.


    • Technical assistance support to the PFM Reform   Coordination   Office   (PFMRCO),   goods   including   computers   and   accessories, operational expenses, and training/sensitization.

Sub-component 4.2:  Monitoring, Evaluation and Communication  

The objective of this sub-component is to support management of the PFMRP and more generally implementation of the Public Financial  Management  Reform  Strategy  (PFMRS)  through effective tracking of project performance and strategy implementation.


    • Strengthening the  Monitoring  and Evaluation (M&E) capacity to coordinate work plans and identify and report on  key indicators of progress for each activity;
    • Strengthening PFMRCO and M&E capacity to develop the PFMRS Action Plan as a basis for reaching agreement on financial support for all activities envisaged in the ; and
    • Strengthening communication strategy and implementation as well as its linkage with the M&E results both for the project and the overall PFM reform.

Sub-component 4.3: Project Financial Management and Procurement

The objective of this sub-component is to support the implementation of the financial management and procurement arrangements for the project.

Sub-component 4.4: Just-in-time Interventions & Change Management

The objective of this sub-component is to provide the just-in-time interventions in new and arising reform activities as well as problem-driven issues that will be critical to leveraging the achievements of each of the components and sub-components of the project.


The sub-component, through consultancies, provision of goods, and dissemination workshops and targeted training, will finance:

    • In-depth PFM support for key service delivery agencies like Ghana Education and Ghana Health Service, through the identification of critical problems they experience in expenditure management processes at the centralized and decentralized levels, as well as the collective definition of home-grown, context-sensitive solutions to these problems;
    • Stakeholders’ workshops for better dissemination of PFM reform actions across all frontiers supported under the project;
    • Ad hoc implementation needs, necessitated by changes in Government policy, across each of the first three components; and
    • Support to the Government to implement policy reform changes introduced under development policy financing operations of donors as well as those introduced under the IMF Program.